DraftChecker Studio

DraftChecker Studio consists of highly accurate flow sensors that measure how much draught beer has been poured out of each tap by your bartenders. The information is sent to your computer in the office, where it is compared with sales figures that have been imported from your point of sale system.

Features of DraftChecker include:

  • Real Time monitoring of draught beer used vs sold.
  • Scheduled & on-demand report generation.
  • Time stamped reporting of variances.
  • Email alerts for variances, temperatures.
  • Archived historical data.
  • Shift reports, off-hours pouring reports.
  • Invisible to guests.
  • Interfaced with your POS or Enterprise applications.

* Ask a sales rep about our new stand alone unit that provides usage only.

Product Video

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Product Video

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DraftChecker Savings Tool

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