ScanChecker Enterprise

ScanChecker Enterprise

The ScanChecker Enterprise software along with the ScanChecker Scale is an effective tool used to accurately weigh and count liquor products located in a restaurant and bar environment to determine an accurate Inventory on hand value. By using the ScanChecker Scale, the user is able to move freely within the establishment without being burdened by cables and power cords.

The ScanChecker Enterprise system can be used independently or setup to be interfaced with a point of sale inventory module or back-office enterprise solution. There is an option of saving the data in various file/report formats if there is no POS/Inventory link available.

The benefit of this configuration is that you can use your existing POS Inventory software that you already purchased and are familiar with.

Features of the ScanChecker Enterprise include:

  • 100% accurate inventory
  • Fraction of the time compared to traditional methods
  • Seamless interface to POS and Enterprise solutions
  • Inventory on hand in 10ths
  • Spotcheck reports

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