ScanChecker Studio

ScanChecker Studio

ScanChecker Studio consists of a patented weigh scale with an embedded 3D barcode scanner that is integrated with our extremely flexible inventory software. The ScanChecker scale allows you to scan and weigh 10 bottles per minute with virtually 100% accuracy. That's about 100 bottles in ten minutes !

The information is stored in the scale allowing you to quickly collect your inventory of liquor, wine, and packaged beverages.

Our software is interfaced with your POS to collect sales data to generate a number of powerful brand by brand reports along with the ability to quickly export your inventory on hand data to your Enterprise solution (ideal for multi-unit operations).

As a flexible system, multiple bar areas can easily be managed to inventory every bottle in each bar or use our SpotChecker module to monitor the top ten hot items on a daily basis.

Features of Freepour Studio include:

  • Ten bottles per minute with virtually 100% accuracy.
  • Do a complete inventory or Spotcheck your top 10 hot brands.
  • Patented bar code scanning scale sync's with our software to your POS or Enterprise solution.
  • Invisible to guests – no wires, stickers, or spouts.
  • A great loss prevention system for team building.

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Product Video

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ScanChecker Savings Tool

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